My Old Safe - Version 2.1

"My Old Safe" software from Sundance Software Technologies offers the user a quick and easy way to secure computer files from prying eyes. Whether it happens to be a private spreadsheet, a resume, photograph, or any other file you don't want to be available to others on your P.C., "My Old Safe" offers a reasonably high level of security for most computer users.

My Old Safe program
Using My Old Safe is as simple as locating the file name in the right side window, dragging it onto the safe and dropping it in. You will be prompted for a password, and verification, and your file will be encrypted and compressed. Opening file simply requires reversing the process.

Technical Support

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Update History

Version 2.1

- Fixed "Close" command in Minimized state which previously disallowed user to subsequently use program.

- Flags to disallow encryption of files within a directory path having extensions. Previously it just messed up.

- Cancelled out Right-click on file box, which sometimes gave trouble.

Version 2.0

- Widened filebox.

- Fixed Stack overflow error which occurred on some Windows Version.

- Enhanced security methods (Less hackable)

- Redimensioned variables for less memory overhead.

- Delay method redone to prevent conflicts with non-english time/date configurations.

Version 1.2

- Fixed Error Code incompatibility between Windows versions which would sometimes cause files to be lost on some systems.

- You can now encrypt files of any size. (As long as you have the disk space)

- You can now use the Enter key when done putting in a password.

(Note* My Old Safe is a front-end program for pkzip25 and includes a copy of pkzip 25 in the package, but this does not lessen your legal requirements to the makers of pkzip25. Pkzip is a shareware release, and has separate registration and licensing requirements.)
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