Secrets of
Lewis Carroll

Charles Dodgson, better known to all as Lewis Carroll wrote a book for Alice Liddell called 'Alice's Adventures Underground'. He then decided to re-write 'Underground' as a novel. Martin Gardner has already shown to a large extent what philosophical and logical jokes and conundrums Carroll included in 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. And more recently a book by Duncan Black entitled: 'A Mathematical Approach to Proportional Representation : Duncan Black on Lewis Carroll' has been released detailing its mathematical relationships. Alice is no longer JUST a children's story - but one for children of all ages. The following links lend some additional insights into the imaginative genius of the author Lewis Carroll.

Lewis Carroll - Fact or Fiction?   by Bruce Clark

A Case of Mistaken Identity            by John Tufail

Lewis Carroll and Relativity            by John Tufail

The Philosophy of Lewis Carroll   by John Tufail

A short bio of Lewis Carroll            by Brady